mp3: The xx – Angels (Four Tet Remix)

After releasing their sophomore album, The xx have turned to fellow graduate of England’s Elliot school, which has an odd ability for turning out huge talents (also including Burial and members of Hot Chip), to remix their lead single “Angels”.  As usual, Four Tet brings a new, mellower and less overly-dramatic vibe to the song with some beautifully understated production.  The remix is incredibly simple, based around a short loop and a short sample of The xx’s vocals but is still satisfying and never boring, which serves as the perfect example of why Four Tet is such a great producer.  Listen to the radio rip of the premier on BBC 1 below and look for the track to be officially released in a couple of weeks.


tccarr14mp3: The xx – Angels (Four Tet Remix)