mp3: King Krule – Octopus

If you frequent The Up-Turn, you might remember this post I made at the beginning of the year about Archy Marshall’s (AKA King Krule and Zoo Kid) widely unknown alias, DJ JD Sports, and the interesting and experimental music he makes and releases on Soundcloud under that name.  In that post, I included a song called “The Octopus” which, if I am correct, was recorded in a free trial of a program that only allowed Archy 24 hours to work on a piece before having to export it.  Now, Archy has finished that song out, expanding it to over 3 minutes long, and released it as King Krule.  The new version moves closer to his more well-known style, adding some jazzy guitar playing and live drums.  I’m not sure if this will be included on King Krule’s upcoming album which he has alluded to a couple of times, but just like the other tracks he has released since his EP (“Greener Delphing” and “Rock Bottom”), it has me even more anxious to get my hands on that LP.


tccarr14mp3: King Krule – Octopus