mp3: Bicep – Getcha’ Boi

While some 90s indebted rave/house isn’t exactly what I expected would soundtrack my Tuesday morning, that’s exactly what we’re getting with this new jam from Bicep to kick start Feel My Bicep Records.  ‘Getcha’ Boi’ is a track to jazzercise too with a thumping bass-line, arppegiating midi-sax and enough hi-hat to make anyone start to shake.  Besides using instrumentation that hasn’t been popular for about 20 years, Bicep meticulously flips a playful vocal sample that practically taunts the listener get off their rump and move around a little.  Maybe it’s so nostalgic that it’s become a novelty, but hearing Bicep create a house song without using any of the currently popular techniques and effects that plague current house acts (no sounds of spaceship doors opening or airhorns most notably) is incredibly refreshing.


pkelly94mp3: Bicep – Getcha’ Boi