mp3: Groundislava – Suicide Mission (ft. Baths) (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Let’s be real here, Groundislava, Baths and Ryan Hemsworth are some of our favorite producers doing it right now so the fact alone that the three creative powerhouses could cross paths is enough to warrant an overload hipster giddiness.  ‘Suicide Mission’ was the lead single from Groundislava’s Feel Me LP and the collaboration found Groundislava and Baths synthesizing with some of the most beautifully hypnotic electronic music all year.  For his remix, Ryan Hemsworth takes the song and pours the track through his kaleidoscopic strainer and turns the whimsy level up to 1 with some pixie-dust sprinkled synths and a progressively enveloping beat.  Instead of trying to improve upon the original’s framework, Hemsworth’s remix completely hijacks the track using Baths’ vocals as more of an accent than as the centerpiece.


pkelly94mp3: Groundislava – Suicide Mission (ft. Baths) (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)