mp3: Captain Murphy – The Killing Joke

Rap’s newest enigmatic character, Captain Murphy, just dropped this (probably) Flying Lotus-produced track.  Sampling and referencing Batman in his lyrics, it sounds like Captain Murphy is beginning to embrace the shroud of mystery that has been cast over him.  Once again, like his other tracks, Captain Murphy has chosen an awesome and unique beat to rap over.  This one is made up of samples of a delicately eerie guitar sample and some type of chant and almost completely free of percussion, other than a light bass drum thumping behind his verses.  It looks like as of right now Captain Murphy is playing all of his cards right to build himself a buzz, but lets just hope that when his identity is eventually revealed people don’t grow tired of him too quickly because he is clearly a talented and unique artist who I would like to see around for a while.



tccarr14mp3: Captain Murphy – The Killing Joke