M|O|D at The Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA

Last night Boston’s unstoppable beat crew M|O|D played a show opening for Rustie at The Middle East in Cambridge, and I was fortunate enough to be in attendance.  They went on at 10, just as the venue was starting to fill up and jumped right into a full on onslaught that lasted for half an hour.  If you enjoy listening to M|O|D’s bass-heavy music really loudly, and you all should, I hope you can imagine how awesome hearing it live would be.  During their set I managed to snap a few half-way-decent pictures which you can see above, and if you’re in the Boston area, make sure to pay attention to these guys’ live schedule (which you can find on the side of their soundcloud page) in the coming months because I guarantee you will want to see this in person.


tccarr14M|O|D at The Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge, MA