Animal Collective – Acoustic Set for KEXP

Animal Collective’s highly-anticipated, hotly disputed and (in our humble opinions) utterly brilliant Centipede Hz has been out for about a week now and has been met by a large amount of criticism for not being a perfect album.  While Animal Collective aren’t a band that listens much to what people have to say about their music, it seems they are playing towards their fans who have been begging for some acoustic AnCo since 2004’s masterpiece Sung Tongs.  Recorded at the end of last June, Animal Collective’s live set for KEXP has the band stripping away most of their electronics and effects in place for some earthy acoustic instrumentation.  The result is two incredibly different takes on ‘Wide Eyed’ and ‘Pulleys’ that show off the subtler sides of Centipede Hz.  ‘Wide Eyed’ is Deakin’s turn in the spotlight and listening to his fragile and restrained performance here really has me hoping for some more Deak in the near future.  ‘Pullyes’ doubles the amount of mysticism and wonder of the original version and the set also includes an interview with Panda and Geologist as well as a performance of ‘Honeycomb’.  There is a lot of gorgeous music packed into these 18 minutes.


pkelly94Animal Collective – Acoustic Set for KEXP