mp3: Death Grips – @deathgripz

Adult Swim is ending it’s awesome summer of singles with a strong contender for their best release yet with this hypnotic track from Death Grips.  Death Grips have made their name on the blogosphere for their unprecedented brand of abrasive and experimental hip-hop that at times blurred the border between punk/hardcore and rap.  ‘@deathgripz’ finds the group taking a nice break from their crusade to knock down genre stereotypes with a more traditional hip-hop experience that doesn’t sacrifice any of the personality that makes Death Grips so great.  The beat is the real highlight with an unstoppable grove that takes sputtering samples and synth arpeggios and tosses them into a blissfully chaotic mix.  It’s sad that Adult Swim’s campaign that brought us new Wavves, Gauntlet Hair and even a Flying Lotus and Earl collab (that introduced us to the world of Captain Murphy) is coming to an end but ‘deathgripz’ is one hell of an awesome way to end things.

Download: Death Grips – @deathgripz


pkelly94mp3: Death Grips – @deathgripz