Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Lil Jabba

Future-trap may be picking up most of the hype these days but its older cousins footwork and juke are starting to make a revival.  Lil Jabba is one of the fresher faces in the underground word of footwork bringing a classic Chicago style to his hometown of Baltimore.  Lil Jabba’s take on footwork incorporates lots of bright synth work on top of his meticulously arranged percussion while minimizing the amount of sampling that is usually found in the genre.  As a result, Lil Jabba’s adderall-pumped tunes never lock into one solid grove but bounce around from one great creative idea to the next until the song finds its satisfying end.  His tracks may not be certified hood classics yet, but Lil Jabba is taking an interesting approach to footwork that will probably only continue to improve and inspire more current musicians to revitalize the genre.  More of his recent tracks, ‘Oil’ and ‘Precision’ in particular, demonstrate that Lil Jabba has already been able to refine a sound distinctively his own and he’s set to continue to grow from here.  Listen to my favorites below and check out his soundcloud and bandcamp for more.


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Lil Jabba