mp3: Mining Boom – PDA

UK may be getting most of our praise right now for providing a non-stop supply of incredibly talented fuzz-pop, garage-rock, lo-fi and noise-punk bands but a solid group of bands (Twerps, Royal Headache) are making sure that Australia stays on the front pages of blogs across the indieverse.  The latest group to rep the country down under is Mining Boom, a Perth based three piece who have been knocking around the Melbourne scene for a minute now.  Of their admittedly small amount of recorded and released material, ‘PDA’ is their calling card.  ‘PDA’ is a four and a half minute rocker with some of the most sweetly crunchy guitar chords you’ll hear all day.  The trio produces a huge wall of sound that together drives the track endlessly forward at a stampede like pace.  The fact alone that Mining Boom can write such an instantly catchy track that lasts over two minutes (let alone four) demonstrates that these guys have a lot of songwriting talent behind their hooks and fuzz.


pkelly94mp3: Mining Boom – PDA