Wun Two – the fat EP

Its not a coincidence that so many producers choose to remix Notorious B.I.G. songs so frequently.  Biggie Smalls had the type of flow that would sound good over almost any beat, so mediocre producers flock to his verses.  Thats why if you want some real recognition when remixing a Biggie song you have to bring your A-game, and thats exactly what German producer Wun Two does on the fat EP.  Wun Two doesn’t waste any energy trying to make Biggie’s music sound more modern, but instead builds around the foundation of a boom-bap style that originated in Biggie’s time and experiments with it.  With smooth vocal samples and obscure piano samples built around classically swung drum tracks the fat EP is the perfect mix of modern experimentation and old-school standards for any mellow night.  Stream my favorite tracks from the EP below and then hit the jump to stream the whole EP and download at Wun Two’s bandcamp page.


tccarr14Wun Two – the fat EP