mp3: Fun Adults – Sap Solid

Whether or not you’ve heard the name Fun Adults buzzing around the blogosphere recently the UK four piece is set to become one of the biggest names during the end of 2012 and into 2013.  The main reason for all the hype is their new single ‘Sap Solid’ which displays the band as a young group of songwriters with the ability to craft sonically and instrumentally complex pieces that will probably draw comparisons to Radiohead.  The group isn’t just an uninspired group of Radiohead enthusiasts who got lucky with a melody however, ‘Sad Solid’ makes it clear that Fun Adults have a matured and developed sound that incorporates acoustic music into a precise, kraut-rock structure.  ‘Sap Solid’ works as a double-edged sword for the group who have managed to build up a good amount of hype over a small collection of music.  Let’s hope the goodness keeps coming.


pkelly94mp3: Fun Adults – Sap Solid