mp3: Rewrote – Ø (NULL)

Out of all of the members of M|O|D Rewrote has always been the hardest for me to pin down to a certain style.  I know Trap Arnold for his quirky synth lines, C.Z. for his heavy drums and screwed vocal samples, LiL TExAS for his high energy and melodies, and Yung Satan for his ridiculous amount of finesse with chopping samples, but I can’t seem to define Rewrote’s sound so easily.  His track with DJ Shadow and Bun B is definitely a rap beat, while one of his most recent tracks “Dreuya” is extremely ambient and much less rhythm based.  Now he’s thrown me another left curve with these two awesome new tracks “Ø” and “V”.  “Ø” has some distinctly house-influenced drums and delicate synth work, while “V” is much more abrasive and reminds me of some glitch-hop tracks, but at the same time, both tracks seem to work really well together and compliment each other.  Now I’m really excited to see what comes next.


tccarr14mp3: Rewrote – Ø (NULL)