mp3: Shinies – Ennui

Let’s be honest, we all need a little more fuzz in our lives and luckily Shinies have our backs.  Part of the huge UK fuzz-rock revival that took over this past spring, Shinies basically faded out of the blogosphere for the duration of the summer.  Fall is coming and Shinies are back crafting some of the finest fuzzed out tunes this side of the century with their new track ‘Ennui’.  ‘Ennui’ isn’t just another slacker anthem with some huge guitar riffs, driving percussion and lyrics dripping with hypnotic, wide-eyed optimism.  They may have made us wait an entire season but ‘Ennui’ has placed Shinies at the top of the impressive pack of UK fuzz-rockers.


pkelly94mp3: Shinies – Ennui