When you think of classic hip-hop cities Tacoma, Washington usually doesn’t come to mind but ILLFIGHTYOU is repping Tacoma well these days with a timeless sound.  ILLFIGHTYOU consists of producer-turned-rapper Khris P Kream (mostly handling the production side of things) and rappers Ugly Frank (who’s viciously swagged verses you might remember from “Casino Royale” on Khris P Kream’s YES mixtape) and EvergreenOne.  For the trio’s debut track “92” Khris P puts down a beat that sounds like some classic West Coast gangsta rap meets Khris P’s Neptunes influenced style and both EvergreenOne and Ugly Frank lay down verses that serve as great introductions to their clever styles and laid back flows.  Unfortunately Khris P’s previous work (as awesome as it has been) has not gotten nearly as much attention as it deserves so lets hope people will start to take notice of ILLFIGHTYOU.



tccarr14mp3: ILLFIGHTYOU – 92