Mixtape: KaraKara – Bully

Of all the exciting and experimental hip-hop beat tapes floating around the internet, Bully doesn’t fade into forgettable territory.  ‘Press Start’ kicks off Bully with some 8-bit sounds that soon get enveloped into a wash of flute orchestration, it’s a novel combination of sounds that really works well.  Throughout the rest of the mixtape, KaraKara keeps presenting original ideas and sounds that can sometimes take an Avalanches-like turn towards plunderphonics.  What makes the entire listen even more impressive is how the Irish producer managed to throw it all together in one sitting, without the end product sounding rushed or shallow.  It definitely makes me really psyched to hear what he could produce if he had a whole month to work on it.  Stream ‘Press Start’ and ‘Ex Girlfriends and Blunts’ below and catch the entire mixtape after the jump.


pkelly94Mixtape: KaraKara – Bully