mp3: Les Sins – Fetch

Aside from his title as one of the best chill-wavers out there, Chaz Bundick of Toro y Moi is a great dance music producer, something that he showed off pretty well with the instrumentals on Freaking Out.  Les Sins is Chaz’s side project where he experiments with dance music and a song like ‘Fetch’ proves that he’s good enough to make Les Sins a fully fleshed out effort.  ‘Fetch’ throws out a collage of sounds and samples that cover most of the popular electronic trends from the past few years (bro-step sadly not included) to make an entirely distinctive listen.  Although the song jumps around with lots of sounds, the groove stays consistent which makes it danceable as well.  ‘Fetch’ is the a-side to a 7″ Les Sins is putting out on Jiaolong which should drop in a “weekish”.


pkelly94mp3: Les Sins – Fetch