Space Ghost & AHYVE – OTF002 EP

With electronic beat music becoming more and more popular and common, its getting more and more difficult for artists to make themselves stand out.  Some artists have begun to distinguish themselves by adding their own vocals to their beats instead of leaving them as instrumentals or sending them out to others to add vocals.  Artists like Marble, Baths, and now Oakland’s Space Ghost and AHYVE are setting up microphones over their laptops and ableton controllers, and it is turning out very well.  OTF002 consist of two extremely well produced tracks by Spaceghost and AHYVE (who you might remember from the production credits of Main Attrakionz’ 808s and Dark Grapes) that prove that there is no reason why an artist can’t pick up a mic while pressing buttons in ableton at the same time.  Stream and download both tracks below…


tccarr14Space Ghost & AHYVE – OTF002 EP