Mixtape: GrandeMarshall – 800

Its easy to find a single gem from an electronic producer or even some rappers on the vast musical community that is Soundcloud, but it is rare to stumble across a great, cohesive full-length project.  Lucky, I had the pleasure to stumble over Philly rapper GrandeMarshall’s mixtape 800.  Although GrandeMarshall is definitely influenced by the current internet drug rap trends and others, over the course of 800 he never indulges too much into any current fads, while giving you hints of the best parts of them.  Although GrandeMarshall has gathered a good amount of great beats from lesser-known producers for the project, my favorite moments come when he hops on his own beats.  Marshall’s beats are smooth and unique and he even samples XXYYXX‘s calling card track “About You” on “1020s (Intrld)”, which sounds like it could be a disastrous scenario but Marshall makes it work incredibly well.  You can stream two of my favorite tracks below, and hit the jump to stream and download the full tape.




tccarr14Mixtape: GrandeMarshall – 800