mp3: Ghetto Cross – Still

Between his incredible work with Deerhunter and his extensive and incredible work as Atlas Sound, Bradford Cox is quickly becoming one of the most prolific contemporary songwriters.  Two amazing projects clearly were not enough so back in 2008 Cox joined up with Cole Alexander of the Black Lips for a project called Ghetto Cross, however, they’ve been pretty quiet since then.  Recently the two decided to revamp the project and brought along the ex-Balkans drummer Frankie Boyles and bassist Asha Lakra.  ‘Still’ is their newest single which features a light hearted melody, waltz like pace and plenty of lo-fi recording.  Even if this band didn’t have such notable members, there is a lot of reason to be excited about the Ghetto Cross album that is set to drop later this year.


pkelly94mp3: Ghetto Cross – Still
  • Nick

    Why were the Black Keys tagged? That must’ve been a typo. Anyways, awesome song! I’m a big Black Lips fan and I dig Atlas Sound too. Can’t wait for the album!