Mixtape: Nvthlss – EP6 & 7

After so many great ep’s filled with gorgeous Parisian beats I thought I knew exactly what to expect from a Nvthlss release.  Yet, he’s managed to throw a curve ball our way with the quick releases of ep6 and which both change up the established and perfected Nvthlss formula.  ep6 has some of Nvthlss’ longest compositions yet with a majority of the beats clocking in at over 2 minutes and is easily the more hip-hop inspired of the two new releases.  Nvthlss manages to through in some dynamics within the tracks on the EP as well, definitely pushing a bigger and more emotive side to his sound that we haven’t heard before.  The four tracks ep7 starts off with the banger ‘Yo’ featuring loud and distorted synth melodies that really has Nvthlss stepping forward as a producer.  The EP continues to depart from his usual style with lots of midi and analog sounds washing out over the meticulously constructed drums and samples.  In under 10-minutes Nvthlss manages to make a brave statement that has me really curious as to where he’ll go next.  Stream ‘Yo’ below and listen to two EP’s after the jump.


pkelly94Mixtape: Nvthlss – EP6 & 7