Mixtape: Ghost Row – Elevator Muzik

If you haven’t heard yet, beat maker extraordinaire, Color Plus, and rapper Chef the Chef have teamed up to form Ghost Row.  If you’re familiar with Color Plus and his fantastic Cerulean Dream EP, you know how talented he is at making atmospheric, almost ambient instrumental tracks to stand on their own, but Color Plus is more versatile than just that.  The beats on Elevator Muzik remain interesting and unique while still leaving room for Chef to lay down verses that consistently match the beats with a confident swagger throughout the tape.  Ghost Row is pushing the boundaries of what should be considered a rap beat and they are doing it without sacrificing any of the positives of not-so-experimental rap.  Stream two of my favorite songs from the project below and hit the jump to stream and download the whole mixtape.


tccarr14Mixtape: Ghost Row – Elevator Muzik