Mixtape: OBSG – Guns x Gold

Listening through Guns x Gold is like listening to a collection of rappers take on the best beats and loops floating around soundcloud.  In a way it is just that as the majority Guns x Gold was produced by rapping and producing duo HxH.  On the tape OBSG (Okami.Bean.Slang.Gang) work with beats from the lo-fi piano loops of ‘Clouds’ to dark and atmospheric beats like the one on ‘HungryLike’.  With a sizable group of rappers scattered throughout the tape, not many songs miss the mark with some serious standouts (‘Titties&Paint’, ‘Moonwalk’ and ‘NoSleepTill’).  The differences between old school and contemporary rap styles are becoming more blurred with crews like Pro Era and Raider Klan revamping 90s sounds and OBSG only continue the trend.  Some tracks have distinctive New York grit to them while also borrowing from recent cloud-rap staples. It’s not the most consistent mixtape of the year but it hints at a lot of potential for a proper full length.

Download: Guns x Gold

pkelly94Mixtape: OBSG – Guns x Gold