mp3: King Krule – Rock Bottom

All rejoice, King Krule is back.  I thought one of the only flaws with King Krule’s debut EP, was that it left me wanting more new songs from King Krule, so now that I have one I’m pretty excited.  “Rock Bottom” as per Archy Marshall’s usual style makes use of some incredibly well written jazzy chord progressions and emotive vocals, but also brings some new ideas to the production department.  The song places Marshall’s vocals out in front as the centerpiece of the track and mixes extremely hi-fi recording with occasional crackly drum fills that sound like they could be sampled.  I hope this single is finally leading up to a full-length from King Krule because I’ve been dying for one ever since I first heard “Out Getting Ribs”.

tccarr14mp3: King Krule – Rock Bottom