mp3: Captain Murphy – Shake Weight

Although Terry and I have our own theories about the identity of Captain Murphy that are probably most definitely right, the important thing about Captain Murphy is that he’s bringing a really psychedelic and interesting approach to hip-hop.  ‘Between Friends’ brought him to the attention of hipsters everywhere and now ‘Shake Weight’ proves he deserves the hype he’s building.  TNGHT just solidified the genre of future trap with their new release and Captain Murphy decided to hop on one of their best, ‘Bugg’n’.  The beat stands on it’s own, however, Captain Murphy just gave us a whole new reason to dive into the candy-glazed synth world of TNGHT.  While most verses would probably get lost in the mix, Captain Murphy doesn’t waste a word in taking control of the beat.  The video above also may shed some light on the true identity of the Captain and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before someone will break down the images and cross reference the pixels to confirm a match.

mp3: Captain Murphy – Shake Weight


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