mp3: Beat Culture – Orange (Feat. NIVA)

One of the reasons I usually get so excited when I see a new Beat Culture track (other than it always being really good music) is because I’ve had the pleasure of watching Sunik’s incredible progression over the past year and a half (Yeah, its only been a year and a half).  I’ve watched him move from badly mixed Frooty Loop demos to a burial-influenced dub step style to the bright and lush sounds of Goldenbacked Weaver to the new, completely unique and beautiful direction shown in “Orange”.  In “Orange” it sounds like Beat Culture is completely free of the desire to impress anyone with production skills and able to create a simple and understated track that feels more natural than ever.  Beat Culture is gearing up to release what he considers his first real full length album, but he needs your help.  For  him to make a full release he needs to raise some money, so click the link below the song to help him out and maybe even earn some swag.  Sunik is not only one of our favorite artists at The Up-Turn, but also an awesome friend so please help him out.



tccarr14mp3: Beat Culture – Orange (Feat. NIVA)