mp3: Slates – County Lines (Dr. Dog Cover)

It has been waaaaaay too long since we have heard from Slates.  I was shuffling through my iTunes library the other day when I stumbled across his fantastic Slates EP from way back last summer and decided I had to find what he had been up to over the past year.  Although he hasn’t released much, I stumbled across this cover of Dr. Dog’s “County Line” from about 7 months back and had to post it.  Although Slates doesn’t really make any changes to the fuzzy lo-fi aesthetic of the original, he builds on it with flawless harmonies that make the song even more heart wrenching than Dr. Dog’s version.  Even if you have nothing to be sad about, this song will make you want to sit in a dive bar drowning in a glass of scotch pretending you do.  Let’s all pray for more music from Slates before we go to sleep tonight.


tccarr14mp3: Slates – County Lines (Dr. Dog Cover)