mp3: Woods – Size Meets Sound

Besides a few tracks of their album Songs of Shame, Woods have never been on my most loved list.  And by releasing a new album nearly every year since 2006, I just haven’t been too inspired to listen to any of their new material.  Apparently, if they’ve been making more music as good as ‘Size Meets Sound’ I’ve been missing out.  ‘Size Meets Sound’ is a psychedelic folk-rock tune that is as good as they made it back in the 70s with big guitar riffs and a great vocal performance.  Although I can’t really compare it to their more recent albums, the production quality on this is much better than what they were sporting on Songs of Shame and the songwriting really gets to shine because of it.  Fall is already crowded with great releases but Bend Beyond should be on everyone’s list.


pkelly94mp3: Woods – Size Meets Sound