mp3: It is rain in my face. – Duck In A Row

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard any new music from Matt Jones’ solo project with his collaboration Pressed And having taken off.  Although it looks like all his touring with both projects isn’t going to stop anytime soon Jones has decided to drop a new gem as It is rain in my face. to remind us all why his solo outfit is an absolute force.  Jones has always done a good job using his ghostly falsetto to ascent his ambient tunes, however, with ‘Duck In A Row’ Jones steps up his vocal delivery with an amazing performance.  Turns out he can do a lot more than just falsetto as the mid-section of this track has Jones channeling a rock star persona.  Nearly everything else It is rain in my face. has put out is eclipsed when his suddenly throaty vocals and the guitar solo erupt from the clanging electronics and cloudy atmosphere.


pkelly94mp3: It is rain in my face. – Duck In A Row