Raider Klan Update

Ever since Spaceghostpurrp had a falling out with ASAP Rocky and the rest of the ASAP Mob, he has directed all his focus to helping get his own collective, Blackland Raider Klan off of the ground.  Although Purrp and Rocky worked decently well together, I think I’m happier with Purrp focusing on Raider Klan because if you visit their youtube page, you can see that Purrp has gathered some really unique talent.  Since there are so many great videos on that youtube page, I thought I would make this post to highlight the cream of the crop of the country-spanning collective.  Above, you can see a fairly new video from 17 year old wunderkind, Seattle producer/rapper Key Nyata, and after the jump see a slew of videos from other talent from Raider Klan.


Here’s a song from Florida native Yung Simmie which is produced by Key Nyata.  Both the beat and Simmie’s flow sound like something that could have been on Three 6 Mafia’s Mystic Stylez.

EthelWulf hails from Memphis and it definitely comes across in his music.  The beat in this song, produced by Raider Klan producer Yung Raw, sounds distinctly modern, while EthelWulf’s flow sounds like a throw back to classic Memphis rap.

Denzel Curry is another Florida native and although the whole Raider Klan is clearly heavily influenced by 90’s rap, this video and song could have easily been a cheap bootleg from the 90s, and Curry makes the style work extremely well.

Although this video isn’t my favorite musically, I still find it extremely entertaining to watch Miami native FWAY channel the swag of Big Daddy Kane and other 90’s pimp rappers so well.



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