mp3: Bon Iver – Towers (Capeface Remix)

Often the most critically acclaimed albums inspire some of the most polarization.  One of the best examples of this is Bon Iver’s self-titled release which received backlash immediately after the wave of positive reviews flooded in.  Personally, I was a fan of the album, however, I wasn’t about to build a shrine to Justin Vernon’s greatness.  The album has definitely gone forgotten for a while now, however, this Capeface remix is reminding me why I dug the album in the first place.  Without flipping the original inside out, Capeface adds new textures and vibes to ‘Towers’ while managing to enhance everything that really made the original great, mainly Vernon’s woahing.  Capreface throws in his own “soft shoe shuffle” in the middle of the track which definitely gives it a much appreciated lift of pacing. I don’t know if it will convert a hater, but Capeface has definitely made me want to return to Bon Iver.


pkelly94mp3: Bon Iver – Towers (Capeface Remix)