mp3: Janka Nabay – Nar London (ft. Bajah)

The bizarre Olympic opening ceremonies were filled with great music from that country across the pond, however, Sierra-Leonean musician Janka Nabay has taken it upon himself to make the official (non-official) jam of the 2012 Olympics.   While the track is a lighthearted affair, Janka Nabay didn’t just through this song out there.  Featuring a skittering electronic beat along with African high-life guitar, Janka Nabay and guest rapper Bajah make sure that ‘Nar London’ is one of the best 2012 summer jams.  It probably isn’t going to be featured in NBC, however, there isn’t much else I’d rather listen to while watching the U.S. beach volleyball team kick some rump.


pkelly94mp3: Janka Nabay – Nar London (ft. Bajah)