mp3: Ghost Row – Battery (Feat. Sidewalk Kal) (Prod. Color Plus)

If you ever heard the beats on Color Plus’ Cerulean Dream and thought some of them sounded perfect for rapping over, today is your lucky day.  Color Plus just teamed up with a rapper who I don’t know much about, Ghost Row, and The Up-Turn veteran Sidewalk Kal.  The song consists of a classically Color Plus-sounding beat with ambient synths and a stumbling but well-crafted drum track, with a short verse from Ghost Row that serves as a great introduction, and closes with an absolutely vicious verse from Sidewalk Kal.  The track was also released with the video above which starts out with some pokemon nostalgia before venturing into the more abstract, with screwed up clips from a Nickelback video.  This is my introduction to Color Plus as a rap producer, and it is definitely leaving me wanting more.



tccarr14mp3: Ghost Row – Battery (Feat. Sidewalk Kal) (Prod. Color Plus)