mp3: Animal Collective – Today’s Supernatural

The last time we heard some new Animal Collective I admitted that my opinions about their music immediately after listening will probably change as I continue to dive into the track.  In the case of ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Gotham’, the music continued to get better and better and there is no reason why their new leak (and the first official taste of Centipede Hz with ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Gotham’ not being on the final tracklisting) ‘Today’s Supernatural’ won’t be the same.  Luckily, ‘Today’s Supernatural’ has been floating around on their live performances for a while now so the barrage of sounds and vocals wasn’t a totally new assault on my mind.  This is probably the closest thing I’ve ever heard Animal Collective approaching a rager with some serious punk-rock sensibilities, just all the guitar and bass is replaced with wonky synths and abstract vocal effects.  Animal Collective also have a tendency to let their songs fade into each other and the teaser at the end of ‘Today’s Supernatural’ hints that the follow-up ‘Rosie Oh’ could give us some time to mellow out a bit.  The second half of 2012 is delivering some amazing music and promising ever more, but for me nothing will be able to out hype Centipede Hz.


pkelly94mp3: Animal Collective – Today’s Supernatural