mp3: Floats – ZZZZZ

Having a music blog makes it really easy to track personal trends and listening habits and for anyone who wants to figure out the recent obsession of us writers at The Up-Turn just take a look through our recent posts to see how many times we’ve said “future-trap”.  And while we are listening to a healthy dose of that hi-hat manipulating music it’s definitely not the only thing gracing our ears.  Floats are an indie-rock band from the current indie-rock mecca of Manchester, England who just dropped this 8 minute stunner.  While ‘ZZZZZ’ may sound like the name of a slacker, fuzz-fi band (of which there are many great ones from the UK right now), the track is actually an intricately conceived and recorded piece of post-rock that comes without any of the pretensions that usually laces the genre.  Vocals are minimal and the real attention is focused on instrumental interplay and song progression.  There is no buzzing genre tag to give this but it’s good, which is always nice.


pkelly94mp3: Floats – ZZZZZ