mp3: Chris Villa – Mr. Meena (ft. Jon Flo) (prod. Chris Villa)

I recently started listening to Three 6 Mafia’s debut album Mystic Stylez which provided an easy to identify cornerstone for the purple smoke steeped hip-hop that has become increasingly popular lately thanks to artists like ASAP Rocky and Spaceghostpurrp.  Although he’s yet to receive all the appreciation he deserves, Pope Chris Villa has consistently offered modern takes on the same sound that Three 6 Mafia perfected on that album with tracks that focus on locking into hypnotic grooves while laying out rich stories.  ‘Mr. Meena’ is Chris Villa’s latest example of why he’s quickly becoming the king of southern rap.  Over a gorgeously repetitive self-produced beat, Chris Villa and guest Jon Flo lay out some of their best rhymes yet.  It’s something I’ve said before and probably won’t stop saying soon, Chris Villa keeps getting better and will probably keep improving.


pkelly94mp3: Chris Villa – Mr. Meena (ft. Jon Flo) (prod. Chris Villa)