Mixtape: DAKJAW – Megamalls

As my first taste of electronic producer DAKJAW, ‘TOUCHME212’ was enough to make sure that I’d keep my ears out for whatever else the producer would pump out without any real expectations for what was coming.  Megamalls is DAKJAW’s first release that goes over 3 minutes and it’s well portioned showcase of the fantastic sound and style that DAKJAW is developing.  As a whole, Megamalls is a non-stop barrage of sound and musical ideas wrapped nicely into a collage pop-centric beats and tracks.  More than anything else, DAKJAW shows off some serious diversity with tracks ranging from the sporadic and sample-laden ‘Mic Check’ to the jazz-warping ‘Uwasa No Futari’.  Megamalls isn’t the work of your average soundclouder.  Stream ‘Mic Check’ and ‘Morning Fog (These are the Vistas)’ below and the entire mixtape after the jump.


pkelly94Mixtape: DAKJAW – Megamalls