Marble – house music (EP)

Last night I was excited to learn that Alex DeWahl of Glamstick and Marble had released his debut full project in the form of an EP under his Marble moniker.  The title of the EP, house music is slightly misleading because the EP isn’t made up of House music at all, but extremely experimental electronic music, blurring the lines of genres.  Although the EP stands alone as a great work no matter what, the fact that DeWahl is able to be so successfully original with such an experimental sound at his young age makes the project that much more impressive.  With psychedelic reworks of previous tracks recorded as Glamstick, “Wavey Davey” and “Groups”, DeWahl shows the interesting and psychedelic progression his style has made over the past two years.  Stream two of my favorite new tracks from the EP “Nude” and “David” below and hit the jump to listen to the full EP and download for the very fair price of $1.



tccarr14Marble – house music (EP)