mp3: Tidal Wars – Earning

Joy Division is a corner stone for modern indie rock and a large portion of hipster culture.  The frenetic and claustrophobic music of Ian Curtis has had influence on some of indie rocks biggest bands and clearly has left it’s impression on the music of UK post-punkers Tidal Wars.  While Tidal Wars don’t try to hide the inspiration as much as some of their contemporaries, Tidal Wars never come across as a half-baked tribute band.  ‘Earning’ has the band taking on a sound bigger and brighter than anything Joy Division ever worked with and at times it really reminds me of DIIV’s amazing Oshin.  The entire 5 minutes of this track rolls by with great guitar work, entrancing vocals and atmospherics that you’d hope a band called Tidal Wars would be able to pull off.  Wearing inspirations on your sleeve finds some bands falling flat, with ‘Earning’, Tidal Wars does not.  Instead, they do really well.


pkelly94mp3: Tidal Wars – Earning