mp3: Danny Brown – Blunt After Blunt (Hanz Mix)

There isn’t much that could have made Danny Brown’s burn-out anthem ‘Blunt After Blunt’ any darker than it already is but leave it to Hanz to squeeze out all the sunlight left in the track and replace it with musical chaos.  Hanz’ ‘Blunt After Blunt Mix’ has arrived right after his Aesop Rock and Death Grips remixes which are all set to appear on his upcoming release Wealth Made Tension Vol. 2.  On every one of his remixes, Hanz has been able to high jack the tracks and drive them into all new, dark and messy territory without repeating any one style or technique.  Throughout ‘Blunt After Blunt’, Hanz constructs a buzzing wall of noise behind all his other samples and loops that hangs on the edge of inaudibility so that it’s not always noticeable.  The effect is something that not many beat makers can or are even attempting to pull off.


pkelly94mp3: Danny Brown – Blunt After Blunt (Hanz Mix)