mp3: Rewrote – Properr (DJ Shadow Edit ft. Bun B)

I knew that the genre-bending collective M|O|D was gaining some well deserved hype, however, I still wasn’t expecting this M|O|D III track to get a remix treatment from legendary producer DJ Shadow and UGK member Bun B.  Rewrote can often be one of the subtler future-trappers in the collective with stunners like ‘Dreuya’ and his ‘I Know You Want It’ remix, but ‘Properr’ is a straight banger.  DJ Shadow mostly simplifies the core of ‘Properr’ giving more room for Bun B to lay down his aggressive flow over.  Although ‘Properr’ goes hard in a completely different fashion than your typical trap beat (hence future-trap), Bun B sounds at home over the edited beat.  M|O|D can only go up from here so just hop on the bandwagon now and go read up to learn more about them.


pkelly94mp3: Rewrote – Properr (DJ Shadow Edit ft. Bun B)