mp3: Death Grips – Klink (Hanz Mix)

One of the main reasons Death Grips built up so much well earned praise recently is for their extremely abrasive and unprecedented approach to making hip-hop.  Our reasons for liking Hanz are pretty much the same; there is no one else making music like he is.  Compared to some of his other material, Hanz’ first Death Grips remix was pretty conventional, swapping out the original production for a classic, odd time signature filled, lo-fi, bassy beat that Hanz makes so well.  This time, Hanz took ‘Klink’ and fit it to his own style, then twisted it around, shook it around a bit all while making it both more menacing and poppy.  Hanz doesn’t let any one idea hang around too long constantly shifting the song’s vibe and production.  It’s disorienting, chaotic, messy and all the other unusual things that Hanz manages to turn into good listening.


pkelly94mp3: Death Grips – Klink (Hanz Mix)