mp3: Yaaard – Roads

One of the many advantages of soundcloud is that it works as a recorded history of projects both successful and failed, and, for adventurous archaeologists, soundcloud is ripe ground to dig up some musical ruins and treasures.  That is exactly what I thought Yaaard was when I stumbled upon his music a few weeks ago when I noticed it had been a few months since he had updated.  Luckily, Yaaard decided to emerge from complete obscurity dropping a few new tracks yesterday including this soft-spoken, dreamer ‘Roads’.  Maybe it’s just because it’s rainy outside right now, but, ‘Roads’ serves as the perfect accompaniment to wet and humid weather.  With ‘Roads’, Yaaard brings enough quiet optimism to add some cheer to the day without attempting to bring the entire sun back out.


pkelly94mp3: Yaaard – Roads