Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: HxH

When I first listened to the music coming out of HxH, I thought that the outfit was an above average duo making the same sort of experimentally bent music that so many producers are pumping out on soundcloud now.  And while a lot of that is exactly what they do, the two members of HxH spend time both producing and behind the mic as well.  The two minds behind HxH, Rodney Hazard and Kareem Hawkings, experiment with beat music somewhere in between Clams Casino’s clouds and haze and more traditional “dope-wavers” like Charles Murdoch.  During the few tracks when they step behind the mic they are able to exhibit strong personalities with an old school vibe that wouldn’t be too out of place with Pro Era.  Finding good producers has become easier with soundcloud, however, good rappers are still more of a rare find which makes HxH such a great outfit, bringing skills on and off their rhymes.  Their beats would have been enough to earn my praise, however, the fact that they can put words to their own beats only makes them that much more of a rare find.

HxH’s Soundcloud Page


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: HxH