mp3: Mister Lies – Dive (Into It)

Unlike a lot of artists who have had the same potential to build hype, CT resident Mister Lies has remained pretty quiet since coming up big a few months ago.  Instead of spending the last 3 or so months releasing half baked material just to keep the wave going, Mister Lies has been mostly making music and is ‘Dive (Into It)’ is any indication, he’s been making great music.  ‘Dive (Into It)’ plays a game of tension and release the best way a piece of ambient/trip-hop can with washes or hi-hat fills over shimmering synths and fading sampled phrases.  This is the kind of track that isn’t made over night and all its small details are what add up to why the listen is so great.  ‘Dive (Into It)’ was released as part of SVENGALI VOL. 2.


pkelly94mp3: Mister Lies – Dive (Into It)