mp3: Yosemite & Willow Beats – Monty

We haven’t really heard much from Melbourne duo Yosemite since we first heard their  track “102” which has since become one of my favorite songs of the year, and now they are back with a collaboration with fellow Melbourne producer, Willow Beats.  The result of this collaboration, “Monty”, thankfully lived up to my hopes.  I haven’t really heard enough from Yosemite to pin down their music to one specific sound, but “Monty” definitely bares a fair amount of similarity to “102”.  “Monty” has an emotional feel to it, with slow chord progressions building and releasing tension while a arpeggiating bells that sound like bubbles popping melodically work their way through the background.  Just like “102”, it sounds like Yosemite and Willow Beats put a large amount of time and effort into perfecting every single sound and noise of the track which is why I don’t mind so much that I don’t hear from Yosemite very frequently.  Stream and download below…



tccarr14mp3: Yosemite & Willow Beats – Monty