Video: Tree – Universal

Listening to every Tree song is a bit of a journey in itself, so it’s no surprise that this video for Tree’s ‘Universal’ has Oliver travelling through San Fran and to the cosmos beyond.  Within the journey, moods vary from inspirational to silly to heartfelt which is the exact sort of vibes roller coaster that makes Tree’s music so great.  And if nothing else,  seeing Oliver finally get the chance to explore the cosmos is probably one of the greatest things you’ll watch today.


Eat Your Beaties: Vol. 1

We could go (and have gone) on for a while about how soundcloud has changed the beat scene, however, the basic point is that there is an incredible amount of easily accessible artists making increasingly more experimental music that are all based around the website.  Everyday we hear a lot of great beats that we dig, however, due to either laziness or lack of song length/progression we don’t have much more to say about the music than that it’s really good.  So from now on we’ll be featuring the creme of the beat crop on Eat Your Beaties.  We’re kicking off Vol. 1 with a 16-bit banger from Option Command, Yung Satan’s remix of Koen’s ’992′, a beat from Oakland based OSO, a collab  from Poptart Pete and Tuamie and a fresh tune from Russian producer rbe. all after the jump.

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