mp3: Marble – Bleach

Here is a new very experimental track from Alex DeWahl of Glamstick under his new moniker, Marble.  Unlike the previous track we heard from Marble, “L.L.”, “Bleach” isn’t so much around different sounds forming chord progressions, but around an interesting sampled Billie Holiday loop.  Similarly to “L.L.” though, “Bleach” possesses a similar odd, out-of-tune charm that is incredibly unique.  I’m having trouble thinking of anything to compare this song to which is why I think Marble is an important artist to look out for.  Most young artists stand on the shoulders of other artists, and although there are many great young artists bringing new things to the table these days, I can’t think of anyone being as boldly experimental at 17 as Alex DeWahl, and it is extremely entertaining to listen to.  Stream and download for a “name your own price” option below via bandcamp.


tccarr14mp3: Marble – Bleach