mp3: Marble – Bleach

Here is a new very experimental track from Alex DeWahl of Glamstick under his new moniker, Marble.  Unlike the previous track we heard from Marble, “L.L.”, “Bleach” isn’t so much around different sounds forming chord progressions, but around an interesting sampled Billie Holiday loop.  Similarly to “L.L.” though, “Bleach” possesses a similar odd, out-of-tune charm that is incredibly unique.  I’m …

tccarr14mp3: Marble – Bleach

The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation With Trap Arnold

If you haven’t noticed yet, a new trend is sweeping through the electronic music scene.  The rolling hi-hats and pitched 808 bass drums of Southern hip-hop’s trap music are infiltrating the electronic music scene, creating a genre that many are calling Future Trap.  At the forefront of this genre is Boston’s extremely talented M|O|D crew which is a group of …

tccarr14The Up-Turn Presents: A Conversation With Trap Arnold

Mixtape: Nvthlss – EP5

We’ve been following the career of Parisian beat-maker Nvthlss for a while now as he has continued to improve his craft of short, jazzy, hip-hop beats.  While EP5 doesn’t represent a radical leap in musical direction as much as a subtle refining of sound, Nvthlss’ music is as exciting and intoxicating to the ear as ever.  Probably more than any …

pkelly94Mixtape: Nvthlss – EP5