Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Kirk Knight

Last night, Terry and I went to a Pro Era which was a near 3 hour concert featuring every member of the young hip-hop crew.  And while the entire affair faded into a wash of solid flows, witty wordplay and boom bap, Kirk Knight had great stage presence and was able to stand out among the mob that eventually accumulated on stage.  He walked on stage rocking a huge trench coat and proceeded to turn the energy of the crowd way up with his passively aggressive flow.  His track ‘The Creeper’ was easily one of the highlights of the night and he consistently killed his guest verses on other Pro Era tracks (‘Suspect’, ‘Where It’$ At’).  Although more material from Kirk Knight is hard to find, his tumblr has more original material that validates all the promise we heard from his showing last night.  Joey Bada$$ may be the most well known member of Pro Era, but Kirk Knight is proving that their crew runs deep.

Listen at Kirk Knight’s Tumblr


pkelly94Enjoy it While it’s Fresh: Kirk Knight